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Time to Stand up for the WEST

For decades westerners have voted conservative with the hope of a better future. A future of true equality across provinces. A future where we have an equal voice and control over our fiscal success.


Western MPs say they will fight for the West. Yet are silent when O'Toole backtracks on removing the business crippling carbon tax. Silent again when O'Toole supports Quebec against pipelines.


When exactly does the fighting start?  Westerners want action. NOT empty promises. 


For decades the Conservative Party has used our loyalty and support as bargaining chips to solicit votes from the East in order to form government. And more often than not our votes fail to count as eastern interests elect one liberal government after another. 


It is time to end the cycle.


As long as the city of Toronto has more MPs than all of Alberta our interests will always be secondary.    

The Maverick Party will always put Western interests first. We will always speak up and fight for Western equality and prosperity. 


Maverick Party candidates like Tariq Elnaga love the west and everything it has to offer.  With a love for oil and gas and agriculture Tariq quickly learned how unfairly the West is treated by Ottawa in those industries with little or no representation, voice or respect for these and other Western-based industries.

Let's send a clear message to Ottawa that you refuse to be taken for granted. that you refuse not to be heard. That You refuse to let your issues take second place in exchange for Eastern Votes

Now is the time to stand up for the West.


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