I believe in small government.
I believe in the right of Western Canadians to choose what they put in their bodies, including vaccines. Your medical advice should best come from your doctor, not your politician.
I believe in low taxes. The lower the better. Western Canadians should keep more of their money and they decide how they want to save, spend or invest it.
I believe environmental growth and responsibility will come from technology, innovation and education, not from taxation and economically punitive restrictions.
I believe in common sense government. This goes without saying, really.
I believe the government does not belong in your home, bedroom or place of worship. You should feel supported to practice what you believe in.
I believe in responsible, common sense firearms ownership and property rights, not the nonsense the current government is pushing that doesn’t really combat violent crime.
I believe in the Western values of grit, perseverance, community and respect.
I believe that Western Canada needs its own impartial representation that owes QC, ON and Atlantic Canada nothing.
I believe in pushing for the success of private enterprise. We should be celebrating commercial success, not demonizing it.
I believe in freedom, and the fierce protection of Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
I believe. I believe in a prosperous future for the West.
This is what I stand for.